Email Address Munging

On a number of pages on this website, email addresses are "munged" to prevent them being harvested by spammers and thus not increasing the amount of spam to the submitters.

The munging used on this website should not affect most users. Single clicking on a name/email address should open the user's email program and the email address should already be entered in the address field. On some pages the subject may also be partially entered. If this is not happening, continue reading. 

If your mouse hovers over a normal email address, then that address appears on the left in the bottom line of your browser e.g.
However with the system used on this website, instead of a seeing a proper email address, the user will see a phrase such as

If your email program is not opening  with a normal looking address, the user can enter the address themselves. In the example above, the eddress has been separated into three parts and enclosed in single quotes, i.e. 'fred', 'myisp.' and ''. The user can enter the address themselves by typing the the first part without the quotes i.e. fred, then typing the @symbol, then typing in the second part i.e. myisp. (note the second part always ends with a dot), and then by typing in the third part i.e. net,au (note the third part will generally include a dot in it). Note the final address should not have any spaces or quotes in it.

Hence the text the that the user initially saw e.g.
should be entered as
or for another example
should be entered as

Last updated on 30 April 2010